Cubistic Tealight

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Cubistic Tealight (Indigo/SmokeGrey)

Even when empty, this tealight takes on a lifelike glow. Create a contemporary interior space while preserving an organic feel. The handcrafted glass Cubistic Vessels from Germany-based GUAXS are studies in form, texture and color. These sophisticated, sculptural glass objects reflect the commingling of inspired design, the highest quality materials and artisans steeped in their craft. GUAXS is renowned for its glass, which is processed in exclusive factories that produce small editions of material. The geometric forms, inspired by Cubism, the early-20th-century avant-garde art movement, are blown and cut by hand and are available in a variety of complex shapes. The rich selection of colors—opal, dark steel grey or gold—enhance the forms. GUAXS’ designers, Annette and Anselm Schaugg, describe the design of new forms is a “spiritual moment.” The Cubistic Vessels are fine examples of contemporary design steeped in traditional craft.

Height: 3.5"
Diameter: 4.7"